Monday, May 9, 2011

Update Day Stuff

So the update finally arrived, and I'm here to pick apart the Version Update Notes and bitch about things. Let's get started!
The potency of the "Automaton: Regain" effect granted by the hand-to-hand weapon "Burattinaios" has been adjusted.

Does Square-Enix hate FUN?! Sure, having 240%TP Regain per minute, 10% from the H2H was sort of broken, but FUCK! You could do shit like this:
And that's pretty awesome!

OK, so you can't really tell from the picture, but with RR/VV/GH set I was standing a PUP/DNC and Deploy -> Retreive to fire off an Armor Piercer for ~700 DMG twice a minute. Our tanks got exploded at 2%, so I Ventriloquy'd all the Armor Piercer hate onto myself...and couldn't find a Fanatic's Drink. But we deadified it anyway, so yeah.

What was my point in all this? It better be 5TP/tick and not some 2.5TP/tick like the Caller's Pendant (Avatar's don't need TP anyway :-P). /RAGE

Moving along....

Synergy On Sky (etc) Gear

Well, it turns out yeah, Synergy is still fucking retarded. Want to Synergize your Genbu's Kabuto to a whole new level of bucket helmet awesome? Well get your Synergy rank up to Recruit and get a Genbu's Seal. Synergize that Genbu's Seal into a Genbu's Tatter. Synergize your Genbu's Tatter+Kabuto into an augmented improved version.

Abjuration gear follows the same pattern needing a Tatter made from one of the papers from that set. Thankfully, you can use an Aquarian: Head seal to make the Tatter for your Zenith Mitts +1 or whatever.

And papers drop from Kings, which are now force popped, so maybe we'll be able to get some shiny, new, old gear without camping shit in Sky again? Depending what the augments are the stuff will probably just be situational with AF3+1s and +2s anyway.

New Synergy (UGH) Gear

The gear teased now has names and requires drops from the new Voidwalker NM things. Fazheluo Mail, Hyksos Robe, and Cuauhtli Harness. Hopefully, the battlefields are at least fun since the shit requires high level Synergy to make.

Dynamis? Anyone?

There's surprisingly no new information about Dynamis changes as far as I can tell.


So, a few interesting things (new Automaton Attachments!!), but most of the stuff is too vague to parse. Hopefully, the new Voidwatch stuff is fun and Dynamis is revived a bit.


  1. "And papers drop from Kings, which are now force popped"

    WHAT?! >:O

  2. Yeah, after nearly a decade of people complaining they changed Ground Kings. They're now popped with 100% drops from the respective KS99s.