Friday, June 10, 2011

Completely forgot about Mog Bonanza!

So it turns out that Marbles are on sale for "shit I never win, but spend 40k gil on anyway" event of the year. So what would I pick should I be killed by a meteorite and could choose from beyond the grave? Read on, to find out!

Rank 1 (All five digits)
  • Gil, because money is nice.
  • Ridill, Kraken Club, Absolute Virtue drops, and Pandemonium Warden drops for the adventurers who have a time machine and can go back to the era when said items were useful.
  • Ochain, Daurdabla, and Defending Ring for the dedicated, but lazy, PLD, BRD, and miscelaneous tank.
  • 10,000 pieces from Dynamis which is basically the "Gil, except I want it from another player instead of Square-Enix" option.
  • And finally, Level 90 Relic, Empyrean, and Mythic Weapons which are all varying degrees of tedious and/or fucking expensive.
This is pretty easy to decide. Well, the first part, anyway. I'd go with one of the uber weapons. As my jobs can either use Katana or Hand-to-Hand it's between those two. I've gotten a Kannagi to the Briareus/Sobek stages (i.e. where it finally becomes Kanagi and gets Blade: Hi), so I'd go for a H2H weapon. Both H2H Mythics are good, but job exclusive. The PUP weapon being the superior of the two. Between Spharai and Verethegna it's a harder pick because the former is very strong as a tanking weapon. But given the chance to get my Monk and uber WS in Abyssea and pimp my PUP a little at the same time I've gotta go with the Empyrean.

Rank 2 (Last four digits)

Rank 2 is much less interesting.
  • Alkalurops, Twilight Mail, Black Belt, Opal Silk, and Novio Earring all fall under the category of "shit I don't have any use for" (or already possess in the case of Novio). I'm amused to not see Novia Earring listed.
  • Shadow Mantle and Shadow Ring are both nice, but not that useful to me.
  • Bonanza Kupon EA is a free AF3+2 item, basically.
  • Cat's Eye finishes the ludicriously expensive Alexandrite segment of the Mythic Weapon quest and almost certainly worth more than the Rank 1 gil prize. So a huge pile of gil, if I could find a buyer is somewhat appealing. Pandemonium Key is for those adventurers with a time machine, again.
  • Really, the only three things that I'd like from this group are Saber Shoot and Twilight Cloak. I've got Opal Silk already and Gugrusaurus is impossible to find on Cerberus. I can't catch them myself, so getting an Ebisu is effectively impossible for me. The Cloak would let me put my Yama's Staff+2 to work and do some epic dark elemental damage.

Rank 3 (Last three digits)

Ick. This category is almost entirely antiquated Salvage crap, Shadowreign stuff that's impossible to get, and really the only thing anyone should pick from here is a Roundel Earring to make their WHM awesome(r) or to sell because 9-10 mil is probably more than the gil reward.

Also, WTF? No, seriously, WTF?

Rank 4 (Last two digits)

Sea Torques, Dyna-Beauc armor, AF3+1, BB items, outdated weapons/armor, and an Odin Statue.

I guess I default to the Odin Statue for my mule option. He can hang with his pal Alexander.

Rank 5 (Last digit)

Rank 5 is the result of scraping the bottom of the barrel too hard and digging through to the dirt underneath. If you like those statue furnishings or really want to do those BCNMs they gave away vouchers for at Fan Fest back when they still did that you're in luck!

I guess I'd go with another statue.


And that's it until next time! I hope to have enriched your life by knowing what I would do in hypothetical circustances that will surely never come to pass.


  1. So i'm sitting here at a nuclear power plant trying to look up the potency and acutal effects of Nagi aftermath and what do I find.
    Its been a long long long time.
    I looked around and verified it is you :D
    We used to rock out in Epic/Oops.
    I mostly got out of the FFXI game but recent(mostly due to the fact I have a RL friend to play and get all the gear I want) I've started playing again.
    I wont give away my old char name just yet but I'll give you one hint Paul
    "Argh!.... Amerant stole me drain spikes and I killed my self"
    I'll look you up sometime soon.
    You still rocking out in Cerb after hades merger?
    Been to like 4-5 servers myself. From top to bottom, and now just solo/dou everything aside from random shouts.
    Anyways test your memory.
    See if you remember me.
    And I'll be seeing you around.

  2. So ya that was probably abit toooo easy to guess ><
    So whats been up bro?
    Hows the rest of now cerb chars?
    Brim and ls still kicking?
    Btw thanks for the bonaza post, I would have never know to buy marbles had i not found this.
    Finnaly get to get those now useless torques that i fought so hard to never get from sea.
    The rank 1 and 2 prizes always nice but fat chance being that lucky.
    Maybe can land at least rank 3
    Anyways I'm sure there's somethign around here i'm supposed to be doing so i'm go back to "work"
    and look bust till shift end. GL and later bro

  3. A lot of people quit and the LS is a lot less active, but people are farming +1 and +2 drops still.

    Sea Torques aren't entirely terrible, but there's an Acc/Att+8 Subtle Blow+5 thing off a VNM in Abby that bests them usually.