Sunday, June 19, 2011

Somebody w/ an Official Forum Account...

Evilpaul is casting Aisha: Ichi on the Giant Bee.
The Giant Bee is Attack Down.
This isn't fucking English.

Ninja Chaimail +1 says "Physical Damage: Shock Spikes effect". This incorrect, it is simply thunder elemental damage. It cannot Stun attackers.
Uzura +2
DMG:45 Delay:216
"Store TP"+15
Seems to not have the Store TP take effect if you switch to it while engaged after using a 2h weapon? I switch to a Gold Muskateer's GK swing it a few times, and switch back to Uzura +2/Kamome and swing twice for 9% TP. I swing twice next for 10% TP. 8 more attack rounds and 99% TP. What the fuck?

If somebody with an Official Forum Account could post there bitching about this broken fucktardedness that would be much appreciated.


  1. Erm... you just need a Square Enix account to post. Don't we all have on these days?

  2. Well, we're all GOING to have one by the end July it seems :)

  3. They had/have registration closed the last time I checked it. I hate their forum software, so I wait until people post what they've found in its dark depths elsewhere.