Monday, July 4, 2011

Tanking, Nuking/Proc'ing, and General Strategy...

Like most people, I've been doing Abyssea ONRY, basically. Tanking stuff as Ninja mostly and as Monk on occasion, nuking/proc'ing yellow as Black Mage, and discovering stuff that's not apparent from reading the Wiki. Did you know Chloris is actually 32.4x more annoying to get a pop for than actually kill despite having a Doom TP move? Or that Glavoid is actually quite LOL? I didn't. So, I'm looking through screenshots and going to try and get something up about various NMs/fights from the point of view of tanking them, how to time your yellow procs, etc.

But it's late, so that'll hopefully go up on a not busy July 4th tomorrow.

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  1. I reckon I could throw in my 5 cents on procing Ulhaudeshishishi