Monday, July 11, 2011


Do want!

The Valoredge could use some defensive boosts, and this might be just what was needed.

Skilling up faster is (potentially) awesome. This is Square-Enix though, so I expect it'll suck.

I'm a little worried about the Cure Potency one though...I usually am near or at maximum light slots with the WHM Automaton already.

Dispel is FUCKING HUGE. Now Ice Spikes are much less likely to get me killed.

Very nice attachments. Now here's hoping they're bought with Allied Notes rather than fucking Imperial Standing (which I have less than 3k of).


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  2. Meant to say it's NOT IS. And it's not AN either...

  3. I've looked at Conquest, IS, AN, and Voidwatch NPCs; the PUP office in Whitegate; the Nashmau parts shop; Alchemy <60 recipes; Goldsmithing <50 recipes; and a few other places and still no sign of them.


  4. GoV caskets and Voidwatch caskets has been mooted...

  5. I can't believe you still play this Paul. lol (It's Ara)