Monday, August 8, 2011

Tackling Tahrongi

So a while back I said I was going to go over the various Abyssea zones and Empy farming in them. Today, I'll write a bit about Aby-Tahrongi which is by far the most annoying to farm and home to the two most feared (because they're misunderstood) NMs, Glavoid and Chloris.

Glavoid Path

So, let's tackle the nefarious worm first. To make the KI farming chain easier to understand, check halfway down the wiki page.

Regular cockatrice, coeurls, manticores, and efts drop the first tier items randomly.

For tier 2... Abas is a joke of an eft that 100% drops the next tier. Tefenet is a coeurl with a cool Death gaze move (you'll want to turn for it).

Tier 3 are 10-15 minute repop mobs that roam the zone Minhocao (standard Sandworm type mob) and Adze (a terrible, gnat with all sorts of enstatus stuff) and two force popped mobs, Alectryon, a standard cockatrice (eft+cockatrice items to pop) and, Muscaliet, a pretty standard Manticore. Proc red on all of these things and you've got a popset.

Meet Glavoid:
For Glavoid'll want some death-proofing. I'm not entirely sure how the Gorge/Disgorge TP moves work, but they sort of do 3000-9000 damage. This makes survivability an issue. Migawari will negate the damage entirely if it's up, but it has a one minute duration with a two minute recast. With capped Haste gear, the white magic Haste spell, and one or two March songs you've got a Ninja with 50% Haste. So Migawari can be up for all but ~3 seconds every two minutes.

So if you can get a setup of NIN/DNC, NIN/WAR, WHM, BRD you're good to go.

For the NINs: For whatever reason Glavoid despite being earth/dark based is susceptible to Stun and Violent Flourish. This makes its -ga3's fairly easy to stop. Slowga casts pretty quickly (and overwrites Haste), so Healing Waltz -> Ni is probably easier than trying to stun it. When its casting is also when you will want to WS as it absorbs physical damage when it TPs which can be hard to predict. Try to turn when its TPing (and for about half the moves, recast shadows), but if you've got Atma of the Apocalypse set you'll probably keep hitting it for a while anyway. Also, if you've got capped Evasion this is one blind ass worm and it misses about half the time in TP gear.

For the WHMs: Erase slow and reapply Haste and keep the NINs topped off. If you're /BLM you can try to stun -ga3's, I guess. It's fairly straightforward.

For the BRD: Keep Marches up. That's really all you need to do.

For the BLMs: Don't nuke it. Seriously, you'll heal it constantly. AFK and make all our lives easier.

If you've got a decent setup Glavoid is very overblown difficulty-wise. People treat it like Rani when all they have in common is that both can absorb damage sometimes.

Chloris Path

Finally, on to the legendary plant monster with an AoE Doom TP move!

Spoilers: It's also pretty easy.

P.S. Bring a few stacks of Holy Water if you're going to stand next to it.

Popping Chloris is the hardest part of farming Chloris. Seriously, scroll halfway down and look. The Tier 1s are all random dropped things and easy enough (if tedious) to farm.

The Tier 2s, Cannered Noz excepted, are straightforward kills with 100% pop item drops. Cannered Noz is a corpselight NM that spams a breath damage TP move and gets access to Blizzaga IV and Death as it reraises over and over and over and over. It's pretty annoying.

Tier 3s have Chukwa which is a 10-15 minute repop Adamantoise NM. He's not hard, but if there's competition to claim it can be annoying. Ophanim is your standard Hecteyes NM with a petrify gaze move. Treble Noctules is a bat that has a bunch of TP moves that I don't think any other bat in the game uses. Not at all threatening, but strange. Hedetet is really the only one likely to kill anyone as it has a Throat Stab type TP move which is lethal during Mighty Strikes. Proc red on all four and you've got a Chloris popset.

Meet Chloris:
She's a pink Mandragora who single-handedly supports the Holy Water market. She's also half-blind, so keeping shadows up isn't too difficult. Not that the ~80 damage hits are particularly life-threatening.

Aside from your support not standing near it and your tanks having Holy Waters (two or more stacks for faster spamming after Fatal Scream) there's not much to say. The best setup I've done it with was Innin tanking as NIN/DNC with a Ukon WAR/SAM using Retaliation and letting Chloris wreck itself when it uses Hundred Fists. WHM cures people. Everyone else stands back and watches. The pink terror dies in a few minutes. Fatal Scream's Doom usually wears off with two or three Holy Waters, but having two people tanking is a nice backup.

By far the hardest part to killing Chloris is getting a popset for Chloris.


So that's Tahrongi Empy farming. Very time-consuming, but not particularly challenging.

Next time: Aby-La Theine, zombies, and evil pixies!

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  1. Gorge absorbs HP from PCs in range which it converts to dmg during Disgorge.

    The more dmg gorge does (to the party), the more dmg disgorge does to the target.