Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Level 95...and Beyond!

So I'm able to play FFXI again thanks to my videocard replacement gift on X-Mas. I got a Geforce 550 GTX Ti to replace the 240 GT that died. It's got about 4x the compute speed and more than 50% more memory bandwidth, so it's a nice improvement. Also, fuck PNY. They didn't honor the rebate for the old card because the receipt and UPC were "Invalid" (bullfuckingshit) and due to them having the UPC and receipt didn't honor their warranty either. So fuck them in their asses.

Anyway, I've been running around attempting to get the latest Limit Break quest finished.
I farmed two of the Ex items and the two Rare ones earlier. It was a rare reason to actually go to Dangruf Wadi and Raunguemontonotnont Pass.

I've since found out you don't really need the enfeebling item, but got this out of a box and will take a free million gil.
w00t! So there's that. Also, if you're on Cerberus you should really buy a Grapevine Cape. (I'm completely impartial.)

I also did 2/3 of my Trial of the Auction House trials and bought a bunch of Avatarites for the trials. I still need Ramutites for my Thunder Pot staff, but not being able to equip the result yet anyway, and the stuff costing 1.5mil to buy have decided to hold off on the time being.

Also since being back I saw this.
Which is apparently a WoW-like Trial Account. So they have those now apparently. I should try to get an IRL friend to give the game a quick run through. Most of the stuff is uncapped now, so I should be able to help get him through most of the content.

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