Saturday, December 31, 2011

Much Better.

I saw a /shout for the Limit Break quest again today on GW. This time I was already logged in and able to join it.
We had four tails and three BLMs nuke the little bastard down.
After talking to the Moogle again and a little running around I can now finally level to 99!
The only WSes that I'm interested in of the new merit ones are the H2H one (Shijin Spiral) and, when I get RNG leveled up, Last Stand which is apparently the best physical ranged WS.

So I can now do a shitton of leveling and merit point spending.


  1. Evilpaul, I miss you. Check your ffxiah im's!

  2. I've been not playing at all since early January. I took a few jobs to 99 and then just lacked motivation to do anything really. I played through a bunch of Zelda games (via Dolphin and Project64). Windwaker (was awesome), Twilight Princess (was OKish and more Zelda), Majora's Mask (has a remarkably bad prologue, but OK afterwards). I'd kind of like to get back into FFXI, but the population's been dwindling for years now and most everyone I knew has quit.

    IRL stuff has been uneventful.

  3. Hey are you playing this or XIV or anything?

  4. I haven't picked up XIV or logged into XI since January still. My three previous LSes are all more or less dead and I haven't kept up at all with Voidwatch, so I just don't feel the motivation to really play anymore.

  5. Yeah neither FF game has grabbed me. Come be a Jedi. Some of my old friends are into GW2.