Wednesday, December 28, 2011

That didn't go too well.

So I joined a /shout group to do the final Limit Break quest. We gathered at the BCNM entrance.
And went in. We were going for an Alexander Perfect Defense zerg. Not having Alexander myself, I went Neenja.
Things didn't go so well. That little fucker hits like a truck. It is kind of amusing to be murdered by a backflipping Tarutaru, but less than you'd think.
So we wiped. The full-on zerg with no healer thing relies on Perfect Defense and doesn't work so well when the Summoner doesn't have Alexander. Ugh.

But we regrouped and tried again. This time we had a Summoner with Alex, but no Seasoning Stone so he couldn't flag the quest.
We took care of the stone issue and went back.

0/2. In retrospect I probably should have requested the SMN Hastega us as the SAM/WAR/whatever and I weren't Hundred Fisting the NPC, but I'm not sure it would have made a real difference.

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  1. I found that a more traditional set up works better. We went in as PLD, BLU, THF, BST, WHM, and SCH. Went 2/2 with no scares and only used 2 tails each time, especially for hundred fists.