Thursday, December 22, 2011


I aplogize for not writing anything here lately. I assure you it's not dead. It's not you, it's me. There's three things going on.

First, this is mostly a FFXI-centric  blog and my graphics card was apparently murdered by Dolphin-emulated The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. If I try to do any 3D intensive app it immediately crashes and I get all sorts of amazing graphical corruption in Windows 7 Aero until I shutdown and restart. If you didn't understand that, suffice it to say I can't play FFXI, so I don't want to write blog entries about, "Hey I got some loot like a month and a half ago, or something."

Second, I've been looking for a job. "And in this global economic crisis" is practically a dead horse punch-line at this point and I'm terrible at job interviews, so that's time-intensive and incredibly unproductive. Apply one hundred times, get five responses, one interview, and no job. Repeat. It's somewhat disheartening.

Third, I decided to try writing and getting paid for it. Which won't mean the death of The Pie Blog™ because, seriously, nobody would pay to read this nonsense. But I've applied for and been accepted as a potential author on a popular comedy, list-based feature column website type thing that pays pretty well in lieu of finding a full-time gig and could be supplemental income regardless. In the case that they publish something I write I'll link to it from here. (You enjoy dick jokes, right?)

To make this somewhat FFXI-related, I'm looking forward to (hopefully) farm the stuff needed for the level 96 Limit Break and do that fight if anybody is still doing it on X-Mas (when I have a replacement GPU). Then I'll get my 95 NIN, MNK, PUP, BLM, SCH, SMN, and 71 RNG to 99!

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