Sunday, January 30, 2011

A few things I don't understand...

I've been back in FFXI for a while now, and there's a few things I don't understand about the state of the game...

Echo Drops (Or: That thing you have no need to carry if you cast spells)

 Do mages no longer need to carry Echo Drops? It's like somebody says, "Hello! I'm Bob the Mage. I'm here to cast spells!"

The MobWe'reAllHereToKillThatUsesSilence casts Silencega!

"Bob! Cast some spells!"

"I can't, I'm silenced!"

And since we're talking about Abyssea it's like a 50/50 shot that he was given a free fucking Cathlolicon, that cures Silence, when he fucking entered! It's not like these are the Elixirs and Megalixirs from FFVI or FFVII that were too awesome to ever actually use. Echo Drops cost a whopping 800 gil from the Duty Free store in Port Jeuno that everyone's AFK in to help lag the shit out of the place.

If Your Job Has Cure IV/V/VI and/or Haste You Might Need to Cast It?

I'm not crapping on White Mages. Lord knows they're useful and I sure as fuck don't want to be one. I'm not crapping on people for not keeping everyone who's punching/slashing/stabbing things in the face Hasted 24/7.

But if you join a pickup group as White Mage (or Scholar or Red Mage as a healer) then maybe cast fucking Cures? Everybody's half dead and you've got full MP? Even if you've got 20MP/tick Atma Refresh you're doing it wrong.

If you have Haste and somebody is blink tanking an NM having 15% knocked off their recast timers is sort of nice. It takes about three seconds every three minutes to do this. It also makes it a lot easier to avoid casting those Cure spells.

Or do people now invite healers to look pretty and...

Lotting Shit You Can't Use

I realize that probably the reason most people with Maat's Caps got them was because they felt tortured to their cores when some item dropped they couldn't personally use. But is it really necessary to lot every goddamned thing that drops even when you can't use half of it? Yes, we're all going to "level some job that's been 37 for five years to 90" at some indeterminate, imaginary, point in the future.

But do people no longer even feel the compunction to lie about it?

Bob defeats TheMobWeCameToKill.
You find a DRK AF3 Accessory on TheMobWeCameToKill.
You find a Flint Stone on TheMobWeCameToKill.

(DRKJimmy) Sweet DRK dropped!

DRKJimmy's lot for DRK AF3 Accessory: 426 points.
Bob's lot for DRK AF3 Accessory: 983 points.

Bob obtains DRK AF3 Accessory.

(DRKJimmy) Do you even have DRK90?
(Bob) Nope.

It's like people have no problem literally saying, "I can't use this, but I'm not going to let you use it." The only way I can think of to be a huger douchebag would be to immediately toss the thing and send the person who wanted it a URL to a screenshot.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

The More Things Change

I've been getting my Abyssea on lately. I mostly quit for a few months and only logged back in for the first time recently. (/wave Lisamarie) A lot about FFXI has changed since. Atma has gone from mysterious to "Gimp, why don't you have Atma of the Something Something?" with all three Lunar Abyssite.

Undoubtedly, the best way to approach Abyssea is with a few friends. If you take a party in there, pimp them out with Atma and Abyssite you can tackle damn near anything successfully. Add in that you're friends, and the give-take sort of lotting let's people get pieces finished without being greedy dicks or ninja lotting asshats.

I'm happy to report that I finished off the Abyssea zone Mega Bosses and all the flying goat men Caturae and got my Abyssite of Discernment!
I also went with the group I got the last zone clear with to (hopefully) get the Atma off Glavoid. I killed it before, tanking it as Monk, but we didn't get the Atma. This time I was there as Black Mage. Glavoid and Rani (King Flying Goat Man) have an undeserved reputation of being difficult. Undeserved, because they're not difficult they just absorb damage under some circumstances. And three out of four people can't observe those circumstances. But we proc'd red, I didn't die, Glavoid did, so I've now gotten Shinryuu access and am only missing Sedna's (also crappy) Atma.

Time for bed!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So...did they tweet anything interesting?

I'm a little puzzled as to what the next Version Update holds in store for us. Not interested enough to check my long abandoned twitter (@realevilpaul!!!! lolzzzz!!!!), but I'm wondering where the game is headed from here?

The shuffling around of people for FFXI and apparent shit-canning of everyone who touched FFXIV doesn't inspire confidence. Sure, we can guess Black Mages will eventually be able to cast Meteor and since its apparently dark elemental wish they'd upgraded different Magian staves. Will the ZOMGAWESOME Empyrean Armor +2 get a +3 version? That would make sense for some of the weapons trials. The High Kindred's Crests seem to be a response to criticism of adding the Kindred's Crest with shittacular drop rates that made people spend 8+ hours killing shit to get 5 for the Limit Break quest. I'm guessing we'll also see new BCNMs (or whatever acronym). It would be easy "new" content, so I could see them going for it.

So any news? Anything not stupid posted on twitter?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Finally Dropped!

I had a busy day in FFXI, and I intend to post a little about it (finally killed an Abyssea Megaboss, the Orobon with the unspellable name, and two others after that!!!), but the NMs in (S) zones I've been camping on and off for months finally all put out!
Now I've got the set of rings and put my Sniper's+Toreador's Ring duo up on the Auction House. (Hopefully, somebody will buy the things. The Price History wasn't encouraging.)

I killed Hyakinthos at least thirty times and may post a string of the frequently profanity laden screenshots later if I'm feeling like it. I finally got the drop as MNK90/THF37. (i r teh gimp. ;_;)

I'm a published author!

Well, sort of. My review of Chrono Trigger DS is up on!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Of Flying Goat Men

I stopped playing for a while because I didn't feel like I could get anything done with Abyssea, and Abyssea made most of the rest of endgame kind of irrelevant. Sure you can't get a Duelist Chapeau in Abyssea, but you don't need it with a 10MP/tick Refresh Atma. So the past few days have been refreshing in that I've both made some nice inroads into the crimson-skied horror that is Abyssea and gotten a bunch of jobs up to the level cap.

Flying Goat Men Ahoy!

I know that they're technically called "Caturae." Or something. And Dvergers (however that's actually spelled) are closer to flying goat men, but I like the nickname. There's six of the guys in the Abyssea zones and killing them can give an Atma, cool items, and if you've got a bunch of zone clears an Abyssite that tells you the element of NMs' weakness. I only had synthetic Atma (read: nearly entirely craptacular ones; <3 Kirin), so the prospect of getting some that are actually useful was appealing. So when I saw a /shout for one I naturally sent a /tell.

First up, was Aby-Tahrongi's Iratham.
I was there as Scholar and basically just cured the THF who was tanking it, and tried to keep him status ailment free. The way kills go is different than pre-Abyssea content. First, people try all the different elemental weaponskills until the NM is staggered by one. This makes it so you get 100% key item/Atma drops upon its death. Then, you kill the shit out of the NM without pulling hate/dying/whatever like pre-Abyssea stuff. There's other staggers, but for goat men they don't really matter.

And of course I didn't win lot on any of the cool drops:
So one down, five to go.

Next up, with the same group, was Sippoy in Aby-Vunkerl.
The strategy was much the same. Tank holds the NM while people try elemental WS. Red proc stagger and then we kill the shit out of it.
The fight went pretty smooth. Somebody tried to open/aggroed/something'd one of those mimic pyrixes and died hilariously halfway through.

The group continued on to do a third flying goat man. I was pretty psyched to be getting so much done in a single group at this point.
So we moved on to Aby-Attowha (however it's spelled) and the flying goat man formerly known as Yaanei. The fight was much the same as the previous two. I stood around and cured people, threw up useful Accession buffs, etc. The ending was a surprise though:
I guess I can't roll shit lots everytime? I actually ended up winning a STR/DEX+8 Acc+5 head piece that nicely replaces my O.hat and Genbu's Kabuto (for VIT mod heavy WS) for Ninja and Monk weaponskills.

I was pleased to see that the group was going to continue with "KI farming" for the next flying goat man NM. If you didn't play much in an update or two, that's short for key item farming. Damn I've felt like such a noobie this week. LOL. The flying goat man in question was Raja in Aby-Grauberg. So we got to kill a few things including my first Fire/Iron Giant.
And afterwards, I got an awesome Atma. If I had any 2H weapon jobs.
It gives Regain on 2H weapons or some such. But at this point we were ready for Raja...or so I thought.
It turns out Raja is a huge fucker. Seriously, I have a fire he/she/it can go die in. We had problems until two or three people switched to BST and we stuck pets on it mostly while a Monk continued to tank it. At this point I nuked it with Tier IVs. Eventually, we won.

It was a new day and with a new group that I continued my flying goat men slaughter. There was a /shout in Port Jeuno and I got invited in response to my /tell.
This NM was in Aby-Miseraux (sp? :P). The fight was fast and straightforward. The usual spam for weakness and then murder the shit out of. None of these five NMs compared to what would follow.
Rani is a strange NM in that it absorbs damage based on what it's doing. Nuke it while it's nuking you? It recovers an assload of HP. I tossed out nukes as SCH right after it was done casting (there's an interval in between spells), and we got it to 1% with a guy using a Primeval Brew before wiping.
I got a "bonus" death for DoTing it as it wandered off. So that didn't end well.

Luckily, the next day there was another /shout and I got to try again. This time we needed to farm up the key items to pop the NM. That was easy enough. First, a Chariot mob.
Which had the nice key item drop of some new Abyssite. Then, an Iron Giant mob. Twice. The first time somebody used the red "!!!" thing twice, so it didn't drop anything.
The Atma is pretty worthless for me I'm pretty sure. (I'm too lazy to go and double check.)

Then, we all left to get more time.

And I went shoe shopping:
Those and some VIT+3 shoes were the best I ended up with. I guess I could use them on PUP? Unless somebody chimes in with a better use for the Heroes zones Trophies I'm planning on just spamming boots. They can reportedly have 4% Haste on them. Like most randomly Augmented stuff the majority of the pieces look to be garbage even with the best possible Augments.

Anyway, do people kill Rani anyway other than Primeval Brew slaughtering?
I mean, sure it (usually) works, but it's like TP burning Bahamut...back when people still did Bahamut. Or TP Burning AV if there was some other strategy to kill it that actually worked. But I digress.

So I've gotten 6/6 of the flying goat men killed! With a whole bunch of zone boss wins I'll be able to get the Discernment Abyssite that all the kids are talking about.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Baby's first AF3+1!

Despite spamming the holy hell out of quests for AF3+1 Seals, and getting enough seals to finish a few pieces only two of which are actually useful to me (PUP legs, SCH base piece for either), I never actually completed any AF3+1. That is until last night!
I even got a useful one, too! Now my MNK TPs in a capped 26% Haste!

I've been up to a few other things I'm planning on posting about tommorow.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Version Update/Heroes of Abyssea Impressions

So after about a three month hiatus, I started to play FFXI again. So what's changed since then? A decent amount of stuff.

Update Thingies

With the new Mog Sack and ~400 inventory slots space problems are basically a thing of the past. Some way to swap an entire Safe/Locker/Storage with Inventory/Satchel/Sack would be quite nice though. That would make switching jobs sooooo much faster.

Salvage is officially on super duper easy mode. I still probably won't do it. The time spent on it would be better spent with the same group killing NMs in Abyssea for seals and AF3 accessories.

Scholar got even more awesome. I was partying on it yesterday and Sublimation chargest in ~2 minutes. I didn't get to play with Immanence
Stratagem: Immanence (SCH Lv.87)
Makes it possible for your next elemental magic spell to be used in a skillchain, but not a magic burst.
yet, but it looks like you could do an entertaining, if a bit pointless, self-Skillchain.
  1. Pop Immanence.
  2. Shellcrusher the mob! (Detonation)
  3. Cast Thunder!
  4. Fragmentation SC!
  5. Pop Alacrity!
  6. Cast Thunder IV!
  7. Boom goes the dynamite! Magic Burst!
I'll have to give it a try later.

Probably more useful would be setting up SCs for lowmanning Abyssean NMs. If Immanence->Aero followed by Immanence->Thunder made Fragmentation mobs being kited by a Scholar and a few Black Mages could be dropped in less time.

Heroes of Abyssea

It seems that Square-Enix either listened to feedback or happened to get a lot of things right this time compared to Scars of Abyssea. The AF3 Seals are still a pain in the ass to obtain outside of killing popped NMs, but all the seals can be obtained from low fame requirement quests. How practical is it to get 10 seals this way? Not very, but I spammed enough Scars area quests to have seals to complete a few pieces, so its doable.

The base pieces of armor can also be purchased for Cruor and Dominion Notes. This is a nice change over the needing to win lot (or not have ninja lotted out of gold chests) to get the Feet base pieces or needing to get 1,000 Resistance Credits to buy the legs which takes a ton of Resistance Ops to do. (Maybe Bastion gives the credits at a decent rate, but I've never done Bastion and don't really know how it works.)

Dominion Ops are basically Fields of Valor that you can repeat as frequently as you can kill the specified mobs. The party I was in yesterday every five Buffalo we killed I was getting ~4,200 EXP extra. And according to a friend who's been keeping up with things you can get a single AF3 Seal every Vana'diel day. I ended up getting one each of NIN, MNK, and PUP hands. Along with some other crap ones. So Abyssean EXP, if it wasn't crazy awesome enough already, now has a decent EXP/hr at the start rather than the slow ramp up. With the storable merit points increased to twenty you can stay longer as well.

So if Abyssean EXP wasn't easy enough already, Heroes made it even easier. A mediocre group that would have had trouble before can work now.


I was planning to do a picturey second half to this post detailing what I've been up to, but its running a bit long and I need to go do some stuff outside. I'll try to get that up later.