Friday, March 25, 2011

New Battlefields!

Square-Enix has said they're thinking about adding new battlefields using the HKCs/KCrests already. Could the KCs ones be soloable Pulling the Strings style BCNMs, hopefully with subjobs and no level cap, and reward AF3+1 seals? I think that would be pretty awesome. Could the HKCs be group battles that drop +2 items? That also would be kind of rad.

Get on it, Square-Enix!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Can you taste the packets?!

Anyone know what time the servers are supposed to be coming back tomorrow?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Sometime back in 2006. Black Mage was my only level 75 job except possibly Summoner...which I'm pretty sure was only ~60 tops.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Stackable Drinks?

Am I the only one thinking we'll see Yagudo Drinks and similar items stack to 12 whenever the update comes around? I'm drawing a blank on other things that really should stack that don't already (or that stack to 12 that going to 99 would be an improvement).

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Official Forums suck.

Square-Enix launched the official forums finally. And while better late than after the servers are permanently turned off, I guess, they sort of, well, suck. This is primarily due to two reasons.

The first, is the software. While most web forums use phpBB or whatever, Square-Enix decided to roll their own.
This is not informative.

They distinctly lack any information as to what the sub-forums' threads contents are. It's nice there's Job Specific forums, and slightly odd that there's no World specific ones, but what's in them? That's a lot of clicking to see threads without making an account. (I have no desire to post there.)

The second, is that the posters are idiots. I know it's shocking: I found stupid people on the Internet. But hear me out. The first thing Sqare-Enix posted was a thread saying, "Hey, maybe make your threads' titles in some way reflect the posts' contents?"

So "Awesome idea for PUP!" would be an example of a bad thread title.

"Give PUP A+ Great Katana skill!" would be an example of a good, but stupid, thread title.

And here's an example from the forum.
82.5% Retarded.

Clearly, nobody read the "READ THIS BEFORE POSTING" sticky before posting. Again, I know people not reading the FAQ/Rules/any stickies before posting isn't news, but not banning people for being retarded on your forum makes your forum kind of retarded and buried under all the stupid.

EA/Bioware got some bad press for banning a stupid (although humorous/correct) guy from their forums. Square-Enix should probably at least do a little forum cleaning. (Bans affecting accounts would be a bit severe.)

So, yeah. Sucky Official Forum is sucky.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So as anyone reading this knows they're doing their best "OH FUCK IT'S THE APOCALYPSE!!!!" impressions over in Japan with nuclear reactors blowing up, the sea swallowing entire towns, and generally making the rest of the world happy to not be in Japan. Etc. Etc.

Give the Red Cross or whoever else that's doing distaster relief some money if you can.


With that out of the way, I wanted to post a few pics of what I was up to before the servers were, quite understandably, shutdown so slightly more important things can have electricity. Then, I realized that it was mostly just Seals NMs in Abyssea, so that wouldn't be terribly interesting. So, it was basically just these two events.

I joined a Whetwetrice (however it's spelled) run and we popped and killed it a bunch of times.
Most of us ended up Petrified, the NIN and THF both died, and I was next in the pecking order. Get it?!?
With a little kiting around a rock until Amnesia wore off, Mana Wall, and Manafont I mananged to kill it though. I was quite pleased with myself. As /BRD37, no less. I was quite pleased with myself for saving our 1k gil farmed up pop item. (I don't remember if it was this run or the other one where only 2/4 of us splurged for the Mangled Cock Skin pop item.) Get it?!? I'm on fire with puns today!

After that, there's Shinryu. I went as MNK/NIN. I've tanked it a few times now, so I've tweaked my gear a little.
The melee hits take 2-3 shadows, so there's no way to keep shadows up all the time. And nothing it does can be Countered, so Counterstance is worthless. Here's the current set. The H2H is Added Effect: Evasion Down and the Dark Ring has PDT-5%. It's far from perfect, but serviceable and reduces the per hit melee damage from pretty high to much more manageable. For Atmas, I go with Razed Ruins/Sanguine Scythe/Impregnable Tower. It's for keeping hate via damage and getting my HP up nearly as high as possible.  Being able to survive two high damage moves back to back makes things go much more smoothly.

So, we did the usual proc Blue (it was Staff; I think Shell Crusher?) and then hope the guy who's going to Brew doesn't do it wrong. He knew what he was doing, and sure enough:
We won and got a bunch of drops I already have/can't use. I think that's my first non-pure Brew-killl win? I learned the timing anyway for when you can proc in any case. It's basically the same as Iron Giants in that second pause between actions.

Shinryu's a fun fight regardless of whether I get new shinies, so I can't complain.

@1!, This time with feeling!

So the meaning behind the title of this post, was that I'm @1 drop for a whole bunch of Empyrean armors. SMN Feet +2 (my first +2 piece; assuming I finish it), PUP Head +1, SCH Head +1, SMN Legs +1, and I think another piece as well. So whenever the servers come back up I'll have stuff to do.

I'm kind of curious as to whether we'll get Traverse Stones for the time they were down? I've got >300, so I don't need them, but people who've been living in Abyssea are always complaining about being low.


So that's the highlights of what I've been up to in FFXI. Exciting, I know.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Why do people do Aby-La Theine Worm parties?

I realize that there's an obsessive compulsive thing to only EXP off 7 of the 92 (or whatever) mob types in Abyssea, but why are Worm Parties so popular? Do people not have the latter two mini-expansions? Because worms in La Theine suck. Have these people never done them before?

You can't get NQ feet drops.

You can't get Dom Ops style stuff.

It's just shit. So why the love? Can someone explain this to me?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Augmented Byakko's Haidate?!

I checked earlier to see if the weekly Q&A was posted and found this linked to on the FFXI_EN twitter.
For those who, like me, can't read kanji it says Acc+1 and Damage Taken-2%. Not exactly mind-blowing to be sure, but I'd use that over NQ Shura legs. Will Abjuration stuff also be Augmentable?

How will it work though? Maybe the Kindred's Crests battlefields? They also said in the tweets that the skill level required will be relatively low. So I guess I should skill up Synergy and finish off Smithing/Goldsmithing to 60.