Saturday, December 31, 2011

Much Better.

I saw a /shout for the Limit Break quest again today on GW. This time I was already logged in and able to join it.
We had four tails and three BLMs nuke the little bastard down.
After talking to the Moogle again and a little running around I can now finally level to 99!
The only WSes that I'm interested in of the new merit ones are the H2H one (Shijin Spiral) and, when I get RNG leveled up, Last Stand which is apparently the best physical ranged WS.

So I can now do a shitton of leveling and merit point spending.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

That didn't go too well.

So I joined a /shout group to do the final Limit Break quest. We gathered at the BCNM entrance.
And went in. We were going for an Alexander Perfect Defense zerg. Not having Alexander myself, I went Neenja.
Things didn't go so well. That little fucker hits like a truck. It is kind of amusing to be murdered by a backflipping Tarutaru, but less than you'd think.
So we wiped. The full-on zerg with no healer thing relies on Perfect Defense and doesn't work so well when the Summoner doesn't have Alexander. Ugh.

But we regrouped and tried again. This time we had a Summoner with Alex, but no Seasoning Stone so he couldn't flag the quest.
We took care of the stone issue and went back.

0/2. In retrospect I probably should have requested the SMN Hastega us as the SAM/WAR/whatever and I weren't Hundred Fisting the NPC, but I'm not sure it would have made a real difference.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Level 95...and Beyond!

So I'm able to play FFXI again thanks to my videocard replacement gift on X-Mas. I got a Geforce 550 GTX Ti to replace the 240 GT that died. It's got about 4x the compute speed and more than 50% more memory bandwidth, so it's a nice improvement. Also, fuck PNY. They didn't honor the rebate for the old card because the receipt and UPC were "Invalid" (bullfuckingshit) and due to them having the UPC and receipt didn't honor their warranty either. So fuck them in their asses.

Anyway, I've been running around attempting to get the latest Limit Break quest finished.
I farmed two of the Ex items and the two Rare ones earlier. It was a rare reason to actually go to Dangruf Wadi and Raunguemontonotnont Pass.

I've since found out you don't really need the enfeebling item, but got this out of a box and will take a free million gil.
w00t! So there's that. Also, if you're on Cerberus you should really buy a Grapevine Cape. (I'm completely impartial.)

I also did 2/3 of my Trial of the Auction House trials and bought a bunch of Avatarites for the trials. I still need Ramutites for my Thunder Pot staff, but not being able to equip the result yet anyway, and the stuff costing 1.5mil to buy have decided to hold off on the time being.

Also since being back I saw this.
Which is apparently a WoW-like Trial Account. So they have those now apparently. I should try to get an IRL friend to give the game a quick run through. Most of the stuff is uncapped now, so I should be able to help get him through most of the content.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I aplogize for not writing anything here lately. I assure you it's not dead. It's not you, it's me. There's three things going on.

First, this is mostly a FFXI-centric  blog and my graphics card was apparently murdered by Dolphin-emulated The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. If I try to do any 3D intensive app it immediately crashes and I get all sorts of amazing graphical corruption in Windows 7 Aero until I shutdown and restart. If you didn't understand that, suffice it to say I can't play FFXI, so I don't want to write blog entries about, "Hey I got some loot like a month and a half ago, or something."

Second, I've been looking for a job. "And in this global economic crisis" is practically a dead horse punch-line at this point and I'm terrible at job interviews, so that's time-intensive and incredibly unproductive. Apply one hundred times, get five responses, one interview, and no job. Repeat. It's somewhat disheartening.

Third, I decided to try writing and getting paid for it. Which won't mean the death of The Pie Blog™ because, seriously, nobody would pay to read this nonsense. But I've applied for and been accepted as a potential author on a popular comedy, list-based feature column website type thing that pays pretty well in lieu of finding a full-time gig and could be supplemental income regardless. In the case that they publish something I write I'll link to it from here. (You enjoy dick jokes, right?)

To make this somewhat FFXI-related, I'm looking forward to (hopefully) farm the stuff needed for the level 96 Limit Break and do that fight if anybody is still doing it on X-Mas (when I have a replacement GPU). Then I'll get my 95 NIN, MNK, PUP, BLM, SCH, SMN, and 71 RNG to 99!