Friday, November 9, 2012

Thinking of coming back...

I haven't logged in since January (I imagine updating is going to take a while), but I was thinking about coming back. I also haven't updated this blog in almost a year, so I'm curious if anybody is still reading? My five readers I have returned to you!

I've been reading some BG threads the past couple days and it looks like there's a decent amount of new stuff and that expansion coming.

I've been playing through Dark Souls the past month or so and I'm not sure where I was going with that. So yeah. Thinking of coming back...

Also, Google made Blogspot's post editor UI waaaay nicer than I remembered it.


  1. I left in January and came back at the end of August. I'm finding enough things to do without going nuts. Which server are you on?

  2. I'm on Cerberus still. I've only been back on once so far and found my friendlist depressingly empty and had to scroll to see how sad it was.

    I did talk to a few people though both in-game and via Guildwork which was nice. And I used some of the gil I'd amassed doing Abyssea (<3 those PLD/WAR helms in the Glavoid zone) to upgrade my NIN and MNK hands (I forgot to do MNK feet) and my BLM body.

    I also bought the HQ Thunder and an additional Terra's Staff to make myself a all in one new HQ staff thing, but despite being 21 levels over the cap I suck at Synergy and failed miserably. Like thirty times.

  3. I has an Excalibur. :x

    You should totally come back! Though I'm not on Cerb anymore...