Friday, May 24, 2013

So, I'm back, again!

I know. I said I was going to start playing again back last November and...was a terrible liar. But I've got the FFXI itch and want to go mess around with the new expansion (still need to buy a code for it) and see some of the new content.

It's kind of odd that after eleven years of the game being around that as the player base shrinks it seems like the core game itself looks the most fun? But the people were always what really made it for me. We're standing around outside Dynamis-Xarcabard (or, more likely, the rest of my LS was as they waited for my always late ass) and some Red Mage and Black Mage gank the zone. Drama and hilarity ensue, etc., and it was great.

Also, I got Melee Gaiters +2:

Everyone be excited for me! Or don't. You probably shouldn't, really. But I heard they fixed Guard and Parrying since I was gone and lowered the murdered the shit out of if a TP move hits with Counterstance up, so I'll be happy for me, I guess.

Also, also, I finally dumped all the pointless Empy armor seals that I'd been keeping in my Mog Sack. Which I was probably just keeping for trolling purposes anyway and that's no fun when nobody cares. ;-(
I lied, a bit. It was really mostly Mog Bonanza related.

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