Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Expansion

They should really show these splash screens more than once. They're pretty cool looking.
So as I mentioned earlier I finally got a copy of the Seekers expansion. As I've been out of the loop for quite a while I'm still not sure how all the new battle systems work yet. I tried to do a bit of Reive, but was alone and can't handle three Tough mobs at a time and can't pull a Campaign and pull the mob back far enough to avoid links. (I never did the pull a mob away and bore it to death dragging out the battle thing in Campaign. :-P)

I'd like to get into the events that drop those stupidly overpowered weapons. The /shouts on Cerberus are all insisting that you have "E/R/M/D" weapons. I've no idea if my 85 Kannagi counts or not. And I'm pretty sure I haven't done the prerequisites to be able to enter anyway. I need a boat first, I think?

As I've also already mentioned I unlocked GEO and RUN.
This woman is a terrifying lunatic. I can only imagine what horrifying shit the AF quests will entail.
If either job makes a useful subjob please leave a comment. my searches have only been discussion about what makes good subjobs for those two not the other way around. I'm not inclined to level any new jobs to 99 at this point. Having to Merit and gear up something from the ground up is too much of a time sink. Plus I'd rather focus on getting the uber level 99 stuff for my existing Jobs that I enjoy anyway. The idea of my Monk or Puppetmaster essentially dual wielding ~200DMG fists is kind of hilariously broken in a gloriously stupid and wonderful way.

Next time... Shoggoth!!!

(The bolded, italicized text makes it dramatic.)

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