Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm drunk with power! (And also beer, probably?)

I came up with about two dozen alternate post titles that were equally stupid and uninforming, but I went with this one. The others were probably a lot worse, so you're welcome.

I've been playing FFXI again off and on again lately. The Seeker's expansion seems light on story so far and they seem to be doing a WotG slowly rolling it out thing again. I really enjoyed the WotG story, when I finally played through it, (bring an Ochain PLD and Bravura WAR) and the finale nearly brought a tear to my eye. The Bastok Fire in the Hole mission can still suck my ass though.

I have no idea what my point was, but the whole Delve weapons being 2x stronger than anything that's existed before, huge Acc+ and Att+ things on armor, and basically all of my friends having quit the game (no one's reading this, right?) make it kind of like I'm playing FF12 almost. Minus the bunny ladies.

So I've been doing my H2H WoE weapon. My last post was about that and I figured I'd just spam the shit out of Dawn Mulsums and solo it on PUP. Which was mostly doable, I think, but I'd need about 40 per kill and I did farm 100+ White Honeys to make them. Then the F. Animator came out this update. It's basically like the Alternator which came out last update and jacks your Automaton's stats by +47 to some other larger number (based on maneuvers) which I don't remember.

So yeah. Throw in the Elemental Magic change (I don't know if it matters for this or not.) and you've got a brick wall of a tiny robot friend that kills shit with scissors. I'd been messing about on Summoner mostly since starting to play again and I've been enjoying PUP even more.

I also killed this thing because I popped it accidentally.
It netted me a pitiful amount of EXP and a neck piece I would never deliberately use. With Shoggoth dead a bunch and that blob monster also dead it was fly time.

That also died a bunch of times and with the exception of one kill which involved me kiting it/fleeing in cowardly terror in an embarrassing manner I'm glad nobody saw it went pretty smooth.


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