Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Picking up where I left off... making a Coin H2H and /stab Shoggoth

Merry Tuesday, everyone!

Back when I quit Abyssea was still all the rage, but people had also figured out how Voidwatch worked and it was getting pretty popular. I did a bit, but never got too into it really. I'd been spamming Walk of Echoes on Summoner to get the 30 Coins of Advancement I'd need to get a Coin H2H weapon if I didn't get the Chloris and whatever other NM needed for a Verthy.

But since I stopped playing the Coins are no longer Ex and the Devious Dies won't run you 200 million Gil, so all that stood in the way was the VNMs. The first was Shoggoth, so I went VNM hunting.

It could have gone better. I don't have a screenshot of my first attempt as Monk, so here's a picture of my second one on PUP.
Pictured: Things not going as planned.
Yeah. I failed pretty miserably.

I had asked on BG if it was soloable and told that if I had the amazingly broken and overpowered Alternator it's extremely easy. I don't have an Alternator. So I came up with an alternative strategy: /shout and ask random strangers for help. I'm kidding, of course. I never do that. I'm anti-social or something. But I did, in fact, come up with an actual strategy.
You'll never guess what it was. I did a whole bunch of Synthing, which SE made a lot less time consuming by removing that stupid fucking delay between synths, and made lots of Repair oils and Dawn Mulsum.

My second attempt, again, ended in death. But I didn't lose. I learned something. The Wikis all mentioned that Shoggoth Chainspells every 20% of its health and hate resets. using the PLD-type Valoredge head and body and lots of defensive Attachments Bougrion couldn't be outright killed. But Bougrion also has a hard time keeping hate every Chainspell as Shoggoth makes a beeline for me. But Shoggoth only comes after me because I was using Repair every time it was up. So the easy solution is to just not do that. I also changed from /DNC, which had been completely useless, to /RDM so I could Cure IV myself from out of range as well as having Refresh to keep MP up and Shell to mitigate the magic damage I would almost certainly take.
I still ended up dying, but that's because I'd run out of Dawn Mulsums and had to use Repair. I think getting it down to that low on HP shows it's eminently possible.

So I can go two different ways with this:

1) The first is just stand back and burn through ~30 Dusk Mulsums and outlast Shoggoth.

2) The other is to use Repair to supplement the meds and rely on the Strobe attachment's Provoke when Chainspell goes off.

I think I'll probably just go with the safe route. The hardest part is probably going to be getting White Honey unless an NPC sells it now for a reasonable price. (Leave a comment if they do, please.)

So I'm just a few kills away from being able to finally Smite things mightily. :-D

UPDATE: And as I put this up I realized how completely safe and viable the second approach is: Ventriloqy. Just use it on Chainspell and Bougrion has hate again. A pathetically tiny amount, but hate nonetheless.

The Expansion

They should really show these splash screens more than once. They're pretty cool looking.
So as I mentioned earlier I finally got a copy of the Seekers expansion. As I've been out of the loop for quite a while I'm still not sure how all the new battle systems work yet. I tried to do a bit of Reive, but was alone and can't handle three Tough mobs at a time and can't pull a Campaign and pull the mob back far enough to avoid links. (I never did the pull a mob away and bore it to death dragging out the battle thing in Campaign. :-P)

I'd like to get into the events that drop those stupidly overpowered weapons. The /shouts on Cerberus are all insisting that you have "E/R/M/D" weapons. I've no idea if my 85 Kannagi counts or not. And I'm pretty sure I haven't done the prerequisites to be able to enter anyway. I need a boat first, I think?

As I've also already mentioned I unlocked GEO and RUN.
This woman is a terrifying lunatic. I can only imagine what horrifying shit the AF quests will entail.
If either job makes a useful subjob please leave a comment. my searches have only been discussion about what makes good subjobs for those two not the other way around. I'm not inclined to level any new jobs to 99 at this point. Having to Merit and gear up something from the ground up is too much of a time sink. Plus I'd rather focus on getting the uber level 99 stuff for my existing Jobs that I enjoy anyway. The idea of my Monk or Puppetmaster essentially dual wielding ~200DMG fists is kind of hilariously broken in a gloriously stupid and wonderful way.

Next time... Shoggoth!!!

(The bolded, italicized text makes it dramatic.)

Are you?

Pictured about: Humor.
I'm nothing if not incredibly mature and timely.

Guard Skill-Ups!

I've been playing FFXI again lately for the first time in a while. Over the past year (I mean the previous 12 months not calendar year) I hadn't really played any games for the first six months. Then I picked up a copy of Dark Souls and played the shit out of that for the past two months. If you haven't played it I highly recommend it.

Anyway, back to FFXI. Pretty much everybody I'd been playing it with has quit. So it's got an almost single player feel to it for me now. I got the expansion and did something I haven't done in years: Walk around a brand new town and talk to everyone, flag a bunch of quests, open up new jobs (that I have no idea if they make decent subjobs or not), and explore the new areas.

Naturally, the first thing I did was skill-up Guard.

SE changed how it skills-up to be like Evasion in that you don't need to actually Guard to skill-up. It went from 180 -> 269 (the level 75 cap if I recall correctly) in practically no time. I used the have-a-shitton-of-monsters-all-hitting-me method pioneered by Elmer the Pointy, of course.
It works amazingly well and I capped out a little over 300 Guard skill. It's still not that great a skill, but having what's effectively a reverse critical hit more than once per decade is pretty nice.

The next day I bought the expansion, so the next post will be about that.

Friday, May 24, 2013

So, I'm back, again!

I know. I said I was going to start playing again back last November and...was a terrible liar. But I've got the FFXI itch and want to go mess around with the new expansion (still need to buy a code for it) and see some of the new content.

It's kind of odd that after eleven years of the game being around that as the player base shrinks it seems like the core game itself looks the most fun? But the people were always what really made it for me. We're standing around outside Dynamis-Xarcabard (or, more likely, the rest of my LS was as they waited for my always late ass) and some Red Mage and Black Mage gank the zone. Drama and hilarity ensue, etc., and it was great.

Also, I got Melee Gaiters +2:

Everyone be excited for me! Or don't. You probably shouldn't, really. But I heard they fixed Guard and Parrying since I was gone and lowered the murdered the shit out of if a TP move hits with Counterstance up, so I'll be happy for me, I guess.

Also, also, I finally dumped all the pointless Empy armor seals that I'd been keeping in my Mog Sack. Which I was probably just keeping for trolling purposes anyway and that's no fun when nobody cares. ;-(
I lied, a bit. It was really mostly Mog Bonanza related.