Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The First 24

I installed the FFXIV Trial yesterday afternoon and hit level 20 Pugilist today. Impressions of the game so far are OK. It looks and runs pretty on my Geforce 970 and 120Hz monitor. I think this guy might be evil:
You can tell by the purple eye?

I did some run around the city exploring stuff I have to do in any RPG.
But something wasn't quite right.
Much better.

Everything's better with Subligar! I saved it even after its stats sucked.

I found a few subtle FFXI references:
And this one which I killed later.
No Quus were harmed in the make of that screenshot.

I liked the exploring and doing FATE (or whatever they were called similar to those Crystal War Era battles (I forget the name of those too, it's been soooo long since I played FFXI) and quests to level up. But I'm kind of curious as to how people get to the level cap in FFXIV. There were no XP parties as far as I could tell.
I didn't get a screenshot before logging for the night, but I found my way to the Lavender Beds where my old LS mates in Epic own a house. I walked/jumped on all the furniture a bit and went back outside. If any of them are reading this (Epic, Brim, Jam, Miah, Amey, etc) send me a /tell in-game. It would be a while before I could do more on my char than chat in LS, but I'm thinking of picking up at least the full game sans expansion if I've got friends to talk to. So I parked my butt outside there for the night.

I had a chaotic and pretty bad year or so of real life, but things are looking up and I've got some free time again for silly adventures.

I've thought about getting back into FFXI too, but I'm sooooo far behind in that from looking at the patch notes and stuff on FFXIAH.com that I wouldn't even know where to start. Monstrosity, Mog Gardens, tons of stuff that I'm not sure what is worth doing and what's Chocobo Raising or Pankration.

I didn't see what mages are using instead of Magian Staves +3 or 4 at this point, but my 85 Kannagi is less than half the DMG of the Katanas I assume people are using. But there's some way to get the WSes apparently? (I have a level 90 WoE H2H I could get to 99 pretty easily for Victory Smite too?) And I'm not sure how many people I would even know still playing.

Say 'hi' if you remember me and are still reading this I guess.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Are people still playing?

I still get FFXI emails and looked at FFXIAH.com...holy crap does the new gear look amazing. Did they bump up gear Haste? None of the Wikis are updated anymore, so I couldn't tell just that there's a Black Belt practically in every slot for every melee character.

And is anybody still doing FF14? On a whim I'm grabbing the PC demo of it. Is it a fair assessment that they dumped the original Classes system for the newer (old) Jobs system?