Saturday, January 9, 2016

I beat the game!!

I've been back in FFXI for about two months now and tackled the Rhapsodies of Vana'diel Missions. They're a nice end piece that really ties together all the expansions' storylines pretty well and it's obvious that some thought went into planning them.

Much thanks to Cleverness and Ica for helping me down the final boss in the BCNM earlier. I tried to take some screenshots, but I think Windower is broken again ("Can't convert screenshot to PNG"), so I don't have any. Here's Cleverness seen with his natural baby chocobo headgear.
I'm going to post some more stuff about what I've been up to and how the game has changed since I was last playing it and various thoughts on it in a few days.

The most notable for anyone who hasn't logged in in forever, like me, was Trusts/Alter egos which are basically a party full of NPC helpers you don't have to level based off of the game's NPCs.
They make soloing pretty much all level 99 and lower content laughably easy.

Also, Lion.