Thursday, February 11, 2016

Augmentable iLvl 119 weapons!

I had actually asked in LS chat if SE was going to modify the Oboro JSE weapons when they did REM(E?) ones this update, and it turns out they did!
The Augment adds Accuracy +50, Ranged Accuracy +50, and Damage Taken -5%. I'd have preferred instead Magic Accuracy +50 in place of the Damage reduction as the Shigi has Enmity -10 on it to start with which doesn't make it look like a tanking weapon.

Obviously, the Ranged Accuracy had to apply to Shuriken or whatever ranged you're using, but I was glad to see the Acc+50 applies to both hands. I can't wait to try it out.


  1. Paur!! I know this a longshot, but do you still play XI? We used to play together back in the Hades days. Do you remember Doggy?! I started playing again after like 12 years and thought of some old players I used to play with!

    1. Of course I remember! I haven't played FFXI in probably about three years now, but I remember we got all the way through CoP together back when it was crazy hard. There was a fake Doggy on Cerberus (Hades was merged with it) who was a Hume. Weegie was still playing XI the last time I was on, but I have no idea if he's still around.

      I started playing FFXIV about six months ago on the Cactuar server. It plays way different than XI, but I'm enjoying it. Between work and school I only get to play sometimes at night. A few people from EpicLS who jumped to FFXIV when it launched are still around on Cactuar. Jamarn is still on from time to time.

  2. Yeah man, FF11 is so different now, it's crazy. It's so quick to level up and everything is done solo. I'm playing for just a bit for nostalgia. I actually play XIV as well! I'll have to make a character on your server so we can play again possibly!